Management of Emotions – for Managerial Effectiveness

Human beings are basically emotional beings. Everyday, we involve ourselves in physical and mental activities, yet our primary driving force is emotional. It has been experienced that little managerial attention has been given to this crucial aspect of human experience. For most managers, particularly the more senior ones, almost every day, there are situations that cause negative stress and adverse physical reactions either consciously or subconsciously. Such negative feelings are like mental poisons, possibly resulting in all sorts of disorders. The negative feelings can be classified in two ways. Feelings which are related to past events and others which relate to present or future events. Those events which we hold others or external factors responsible are “outwardly” directed; and other events for which we consider ourselves responsible are “inwardly” directed. With a professional approach one can “manage” such negative feelings at various levels. This paper attempts to discuss four elements that are needed for management of emotions: beliefs, expectations, comparisons, and worries. Resultantly, the managerial effectiveness increases, if these elements are managed appropriately. ... Read more