2nd International Conference

About the Conference The Digital Revolution is an idea to bridge the digital divide and promote digital literacy. With the help of Digital India Program, the

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Social & Entrepreneurship Cell

Display by Rotary Paul Harris School on Occasion of Deepawali On 4 November, 2015 a display of handmade items was done by Rotary Paul Harris School on occasion of Deepawali.  ... Read Full Article

Mock Group Discussion and Personal Interview conduction for MBA III Semester students

Objectives: Our Trainers make students learn on few aspects:  Appreciate the parameters for being successful in a group discussion.  How to initiate a group discussion.  Importance of knowing various communication styles.  Plan and prepare effectively for a group discussion. for full page click here... Read Full Article

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Extra-Curricular Activity

Recreational Activity for Faculty & Staff Pool Lunch & Sports On 6th July, 2015 a Pool Lunch was organized in the college premises. This initiative is taken to make the team relax and energize. All the faculty members and staff members brought various preparations from their home. Before starting with the pool lunch, delicious breakfast was served followed by various games played... Read Full Article


Induction Program: UG The Four Day Induction Program for UG I Semester students was organized in the Seminar Hall Pioneer Institute. The program was scheduled from July 29th to August 1st 2015. The aim of the program was to give insight about the college, its faculty and staff members, about the culture at campus, rules & regulations, associations, events and different... Read Full Article

Mapping For Excellence

About Pioneer Institute
Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore, an Autonomous Institute was established in the year 1996 with a vision of “Diligence & Excellence” in the professional... Read Full Article
Message of Dr.P.K Jain, Chairman, Pioneer Institute
It’s a matter of enormous gratification for Pioneer society that the Institute is organizing its 11th National Conference on “Mapping for Excellence: Challenges Ahead” in... Read Full Article
Message of Dr.P.N Mishra, Conference Advisor
Unremitting pains in mapping for excellence have become a need of an hour. Last few years have seen incredible competition in each and every area... Read Full Article
Message from Laxmikant Sharma, Higher Education Minister
I am delighted to note that Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies organizing 11th National Conference on "Mapping for Excellence: Challenges Ahead" in Association with AIMS,... Read Full Article
Message from Dr.P.K Mishra, Vice Chancellor, DAVV, Indore
I am pleased to note that Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore is organizing 11th national conference in association with AIMS, Hyderabad on 'Mapping for... Read Full Article


Program Schedule
Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore 12th National Conference On ETCC – 2011: Emerging Trends in Computing & Communication (May 6, 2011) Program Schedule Registration and Fellowship - Lobby (8:30 A.M.... Read Full Article
Ever since its Inception, Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, has proactively pursued its vision of Diligence and Excellence in Professional Education. Pioneer fraternity continually strives... Read Full Article
Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies always believed in dissemination of Knowledge of the Researchers, Teachers and Practitioners. Every year, the Institute organizes many Seminars, Conferences... Read Full Article
Application Of Cloud Computing In University Libraries
Abstract Technology is changing rapidly and is forming a layer that is touching each and every aspect of life like power grids, traffic control, medical... Read Full Article
Role Of Information And Communication Technology In Teacher’s Education
The use of Information and Communication Technologies or (ICT), in academic field is a major point of discussion. Where educators and educational researchers are continuously... Read Full Article



Celebration by the Institute:
Pioneer Institute Created Awareness Among Its Students and staff by celebrating various events....
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Case Analysis Competition:
Case study analysis was conducted by Prof Aakanksha Vyas for the student of MBA-II Sem...
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Industrial Visits 2007-2008
Industrial visit to various industries for the student of Pioneer Institute to understand the production...
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