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16th National Conference

Nation consists of people and with their effort a nation can accomplish all it could ever want; and when a country is witnessing immense youth ... Read Full Article

Responsibilities of Youth

The young generation occupies a unique place in communal setting. It is very much part of society. The youthful and rising generation constitutes an ambassador ... Read Full Article

Making Things Different: The Role of Catalysts in The Changing Process

Most of the people, every day or every moment are subject to some form of change that are affecting their lives. Whether it be a ... Read Full Article

Corruption in Education System in India - A Study

This paper takes advantage of a new corruption measure across regions within a country to measure the influence of corruption on public spending efficacy in ... Read Full Article

Corruption in India_The Voice of Youth

With the word corruption everybody can understand what it is without giving the proper definition. The word corruption itself is the definition of corruption. This ... Read Full Article

Managing The System

It will not be a exaggeration to say that if someone convert impossible into possible they are youth. Massive changes come from new ideas. Youth ... Read Full Article

The Teacher Student Relationship

The overall theme of this study is that the student and teacher's relationship is important to the professional development of both the preservice and inservice ... Read Full Article

Social Evils and Youth

The bottomless energy of youth is to try and persuade older generations to change their evil ways. If that's impossible (and it usually is), then ... Read Full Article

Smart Attitude

In the current scenario, it is very difficult to face challenges, by the only means of hard work, since there is no substitute of hard ... Read Full Article

What Am I Worth?

The most important question in an individual's life, generally asked, rarely answered. Even if answered, no guarantee whether the answer is correct or not. This ... Read Full Article

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