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12th National Conference

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Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore 12th National Conference On ETCC – 2011: Emerging Trends in Computing & Communication (May 6, 2011) Program Schedule Registration and Fellowship - Lobby (8:30 A.M. ... Read more


Ever since its Inception, Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, has proactively pursued its vision of Diligence and Excellence in Professional Education. Pioneer fraternity continually strives ... Read more


Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies always believed in dissemination of Knowledge of the Researchers, Teachers and Practitioners. Every year, the Institute organizes many Seminars, Conferences ... Read more

Application Of Cloud Computing In University Libraries

Abstract Technology is changing rapidly and is forming a layer that is touching each and every aspect of life like power grids, traffic control, medical and health care, water supply, food and energy and all the financial transaction of the world. Cloud computing is not an exception in changing the world. Cloud computing provides us virtually unlimited and on – demand computing resources. The infrastructure of cloud computing is such, that it encourages the development of innovation in every field. One such application of cloud is in university library .Emergence of cloud computing in libraries leaves us with many questions that are to be answered. The questions like:- 1. How library can use the cloud to provide effective information to the users? 2. How can the information be shared using the cloud? This paper tries to answer such questions & provides a comprehensive introduction to the application of cloud in university libraries.The cloud is already there to burst only the library need to start thinking about how they may need to adjust services in order to effectively adapt to how users are interacting with it. ... Read more

Role Of Information And Communication Technology In Teacher’s Education

The use of Information and Communication Technologies or (ICT), in academic field is a major point of discussion. Where educators and educational researchers are continuously working for innovative ways of using these technologies to support and enhance student outcomes in education.Use of ICT in education and teaching provide number of benefits, but to avail the facilities of ICT teachers need to have certain level of confidence. They should be prepared to use ICT in teaching and also trained in how to integrate ICT with teaching. The main purpose of this paper is to shows the gap between the ICT curriculum used in various universities to train teachers with what is expected from the international standards, national ICT in education policy and the development of the field of ICT itself. This paper also serves those of the challenges and issues faced by teacher educators in preparing and using ICT training curriculum for the next generation of teachers in the face of rising globalization. ... Read more

Mobile Commerce The Next Big Leap In India

Mobile commerce is a new trend where any transaction with a monetary value is conducted in a wireless environment by using mobile devices.While shopping if you are short of money or while travelling you feel that you don’t have money to pay to the driver or at the filling station you need to pay the money and you find your wallet empty then what will you do? But now a days the help is on the way and that is mobile commerce. It has grown to large extent in the world but in India it is still confined to basic banking transactions, purchase of travel tickets and payment of some utility bills. But now banks, cellular operators and payment service providers are finding solutions that can comply with regulatory guidelines. This paper mainly describes the sectors where mobile commerce can be used and the future challenges that we need to face in India. ... Read more

Knowledge Management – A Challenge For Smaller-Sized Enterprises

Today success and worth of a business depend more on its intellectual capital than on its physical. Therefore, Knowledge Management (KM), has become a critical input in the growth of SMEs. Globalization of supply chains, rapid technological advances, and superior returns on intellectual capital, growing importance of knowledge-intensive industries make KM a strategic tool in the growth and success of businesses. Access and integration of SMEs with regional, national and international supply chains require bridging the gaps between the requirements of supply chains and efficiency of SMEs' KM system besides their capability. KM process involves: knowledge capture, knowledge organizing and storage, distribution and sharing. Successful knowledge management results in the best possible means to apply and leverage the knowledge that has been captured, organized and stored, distributed and shared. It means that very little of the company's highly valued intellectual capital has escaped the knowledge management net. Virtually all the knowledge within the enterprise is harnessed, and will be used as part of the company's core business and competitive intelligence strategy. KM-enabled SMEs are essential for competitive and sustainable growth. In developing countries, a vast majority of SMEs are suffering from market failures due to insufficient provision for integrated, reliable, relevant and solution-oriented business information. SMEs need support for effective linking with global markets both for their inputs and outputs. Businesses leveraging knowledge resources can make decisions faster and closer to point of action. It is obvious that the smaller-sized company also needs to capture and intelligently exploit its knowledge. ... Read more

Dynamic Access And Emergence Mechanism For Collaborative Adaptive Systems From Agent’s Base

1. Introduction: The main issue in human-machine interaction is obtained a collaboration situation between a human user and a computer system. The system must be ... Read more

Knowledge Management: A Tool For An Efficient Organization

The paper takes an in-depth look at knowledge management, a comparatively new business concept that is attracting the consideration of informed and global-oriented companies because of its promise to introduce new rudiments of flexibility and efficiency in the entire business spectrum - from management, plant and production to front line activities. This paper explains how knowledge management benefits businesses and the business community. It discusses how the need for active knowledge management in numerous companies is understood and acknowledged. The paper studies that how often, in practice, this understanding is misconstrued to a false belief that sophisticated and expensive information technology (IT), suffices for good knowledge management. It looks at the requirements of knowledge management and the role played by business intelligence in knowledge management. Further, the differences between organizations' actual and perceived success in knowledge management are discussed. The paper further examines how success, deemed as a firm's ability to generate sustainable growth and profits, is determined not only by knowledge management but intricately linked to the humans who seek straight forward business solutions and constructively counter challenges. ... Read more

Data Warehousing And Data Mining

This paper describes a new approach to fast multimedia information retrieval with data mining and data ware housing techniques. To tackle the key issues such as multimedia data indexing, similarity measures, search methods and query processing in retrieval for large multimedia data archives, we extend the concepts of conventional data warehouse and multimedia data warehouse for effective data representation and storage. In this study the technological advances are making this vision a reality for many organizations. Here, we would be discussing about the benefits that and organization will get through the use of data mining. We will be discussing about the various stages about the predictive data mining like, the initial exploration, model building or pattern identification with validation/verification, and deployment. It discusses about the various strategic applications of data mining and data warehousing. In addition, we propose a fuzzy neural network to provide automatic and autonomous classification for the retrieval outputs by integrating fuzzy logic technology and the Back Propagation Feed Forward (BPFF), neural network. A series of case studies are reported to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed method. ... Read more

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