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Skill Education- A Tool for Human Capital Formation

Introduction: Today, India is one of the youngest nations in the world with more than 62% of its population in the working age group (15-59 years), ... Read Full Article

Identifying Factors Affecting Information Communication Technology Enabled Teaching and Management in School

Introduction Past few decades have witnessed extensive use of computers in many areas of our life on a daily basis. One of such area is teaching ... Read Full Article

Teaching Styles in Physical Education

      Introduction: Teaching at its most literal level - educating, imparting knowledge- is the most fundamental part of a teacher’s job. Teaching includes all ... Read Full Article

Acknowledging Modern Methods of Teaching in B Schools

Introduction: In Modern Business environment change is the way of life. The industry requires business graduates who possess good personality with professional etiquettes, good team work ... Read Full Article

Semester System: Prospects and Avenues

Introduction: The government has set a goal of increasing the enrollment ratio among Indians of college age (gross enrollment ratio, or GER) to 30 percent ... Read Full Article

Role of Supply Chain Management in E-Commerce

Introduction: Innovations in technology have motivated business organisations to use it fortheir day to day operations. Technology has eased business process. Today itplays an important role ... Read Full Article

Student Attendance Influences Performance: Everyday Counts

Introduction: Education has long been recognized as a fundamental human right and an important building block in the development of children and broader society. Those who ... Read Full Article

Classroom without Walls

Introduction: Today in the business institute classroom, it is still common to see familiar textbooks from a decade ago, along with teacher-focused transmissive teaching styles with ... Read Full Article

1 2 3 next total: 21 | displaying: 1 - 10