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15th National Conference

Program Schedule

  Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore 15th National Conference On Emerging Trends in IT (Feb 16, 2013) Program Schedule   Registration and Fellowship- Lobby                       (9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.) Inaugural Session- Conference ... Read more

Programming with ANSI and Turbo C

Programming with ANSI and Turbo C is proposed for anyone interested knowing about the C programming. Programming is used today in very much. It  introduces ... Read more

Cryptography and Network Security

Cryptography & network security is proposed for anyone interested knowing about security. Security is used today in every field. It introduces the concept of security. Click ... Read more

Computer Fundamentals

Computer Fundamentals is proposed for anyone interested in knowing about computers. Computers are used in every field. It has changed the basic concepts of computing ... Read more

Pioneering Approach of Damage Recovery of Forensics Evidence Images

Digital Forensic is the application of science and engineering to the legal problem of digital evidence with the reference of computer and related fields. It is a synthesis of science and law. Digital Forensic is application of forensics techniques and method in Computer, Internet, Mobile, Database, and other Digital Memory media. Because of some unique features and applications making the application of classical computer forensic techniques are very difficult nowadays. The different forensic techniques are required to gather the evidences images from the computer and store it in a digital storage media. The stored images can be damaged due to unexpected internal and external electromagnetic effects. Because of the security reasons we cannot make multiple copies of evidences images. Therefore we need some recovery techniques to get the damaged images back. We will discuss different algorithms of damage recovery. There are some major limitations of existing block recovery methods. I proposed a new block recovery format with the combination of CRC and MD5. ... Read more

Recommender Systems for E-commerce: In Perspective of Business Strategies

The rapid growth of emerging technologies and Internet has moved the world towards an e-world where most of the things are digitized and available on a mouse click. Most of the commercial transactions are performed on Internet with the help of on-line shopping. The huge amount of data puts an extra overload to the user in performing on-line task. Recommender Systems are being used widely to reduce this extra overload and recommend the scrutinized product to the customers. Several data mining techniques are frequently being used for recommendation technology to enhance the online business, amongst which Collaborative filtering, Association rules and web mining are on top . In this paper we try to give an overview of these recommendation techniques with suitable examples and illustrative diagrams, and change of trends in recommender systems. Also the SWOT analysis is discussed for these technologies that give an idea about the respective effects of these systems on business strategies. Various diagrammatic representations are illustrated. And finally we conclude that there is a need of an extra effort to overcome the limitations in existing technology also the aspects of these technology to be used as a business strategy are discussed. ... Read more

Key Drivers of Mobile Commerce An Exploratory Study

Mobile commerce is a business model that allows a consumer to complete all steps of a transaction by using a mobile phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) rather than by going to a physical store or by voice. Downloading ring tones and screensavers and using different types of paid information (traffic reports, sports news, etc.) and entertainment services (SMS chats, games, etc.) are common types of mobile commerce, but mobile commerce transactions can also include purchasing physical goods such as books to be delivered offline. The rapid evolution of B2C e-Commerce alternative interaction channels like World Wide Web, Mobile Telephony and Digital TV along with the continuously changing consumer behavioral patterns, has created a strong need for research tailored to the peculiarities and needs of the aforementioned emerging “distance shopping” channels. Stimulated by these evolutions, this paper focuses on the investigation of consumer attitudes and behaviors against mobile commerce in towards identifying he critical success factors for accelerating its usage. An online consumer survey constituting the research vehicle was employed within an exploratory research design setting. Despite the fact that some considerable differences regarding mobile commerce adoption rates and consumer behavioral patterns were observed, it was found that mobile commerce penetration in India is on its infancy. However, improving mobile devices, designing more user-friendly shopping interfaces, developing effective applications and services, along with reducing prices, influencing opinion leaders and solving security, bandwidth and coverage problems, constitute the critical success factors for accelerating mobile commerce adoption amongst youth in particular. ... Read more

Measuring E-Governance Awareness Among Citizens of Indore District of Madhya Pradesh

E-governance is the use of technology to reach Governmental services to the masses. Recent developments in the web technologies and networking technologies have reduced the ... Read more

Mining Association Rules in Long Sequence

Discovering interesting patterns in long sequences, and finding confident association rules within them, is a popular area in data mining. Most existing methods define patterns as interesting if they occur frequently enough in a sufficiently cohesive form. Based on these frequent patterns, association rules are mined in the traditional manner. Recently, a new interestingness measure, combining cohesion and frequency of a pattern, has been proposed, and patterns are deemed interesting if encountering one event from the pattern implies with a high probability that the rest of the pattern can be found nearby. It is quite clear that this probability is not necessarily equally high for all the events making up such a pattern, which is why we propose to introduce the concept of association rules into this problem setting. The confidence of such an association rule tells us how far on average from a particular event, or a set of events, one has to look, in order to find the rest of the pattern. In this paper, we present an efficient algorithm to mine such association rules. After applying our method to both synthetic and real-life data, we conclude that it indeed gives intuitive results in a number of applications. ... Read more

A Study of the Impact of Information Technology on Stock Market Indices

A Stock market index is a leading indicator of the performance of the overall economy or a sector of the economy through providing up to date information. Indices serve as a benchmark for measuring the performance of stocks or portfolios. Indian Stock Market has many indices and it contains many companies and every index is important. Investors, Stakeholders and Policy Makers invest the money in stock market, especially in sectoral indices, and gain more profits. Information Technology (IT) industry has played a major role in the Indian economy during the last few years and the same is even reflected in the performance of the companies individually as also through their respective indices. A number of large, profitable Indian companies today belong to the IT sector and a great deal of investment interest is now focused on the IT sector. Information technology provides mass access to the stock market, while improving efficiencies which enables investors to make informed decisions. Technology and ebusiness have mpacted the stock market in several significant ways. This paper proposes to analyze the impact of BSE TECk index, BSE IT index and CNX IT index on Sensex and Nifty respectively. The appropriate regression test would be applied to test the data. ... Read more

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