The Tech-Savvy School


Technology has altered the way the universe functions on a daily basis, but what about teaching? Teaching has been immediately struck by the increase of applied science. This modification has not been easily borne by some members of the educational community, since they adopt the traditional approach. This clause tries to rivet along the benefits of technology in the schoolroom as well as some of the events that surround teachers and engineering science. The article also searches in the future of engineering science and education and offers some helpful points for technology utilization in the schoolroom. Improvements in digital technology have opened up many avenues of scholarship. Engineering has made information accessible from anywhere and buy / to all groups of the great unwashed. Training has reached most parts of the world through technology itself. Educational technology is no longer relegated to computer labs or media rooms. Instead, laptops, tablets, and even mobile telephone sets are integrated into daily learning tasks. 

Keywords: technology, professional development, teacher education.

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