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Conference Research Papers

Influence of Demography on Service Empathy Perception- A Study of State Bank of India

For the development of effective banking service programmes, proper understanding of customers needs is very necessary. Banking being a high contact service requires more employees-customers ... Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility The Ancient Indian Way

Introduction: Every business organization is a sub organization of the larger organization called society. Whatever an organization produces or delivers is nothing but a furnished ... Read more

Customers’ Demographic Profile and its Association with Service Responsiveness Perception: A Study of State Bank of India

Quality is the prime concern of customers’ today. Banking industry has undergone rapid reforms in last decade due to advent of technology. In order to ... Read more

Critical Analysis of Current Education System Problems & Role of Accreditation Bodies

There are several challenges in education system. Since long India has been a respected country and even till today India is producing quality professionals. Indian ... Read more

Green Initiative in Higher Education

Greening of higher educational institutions can be defined as the process ofreducing the impact by the activity within the campus and outside the campus environment ... Read more

The Impact of Globalization on Education

This paper focuses on the impact of globalization in the domain of education. It reviews how globalization may affect educational policy and planning in India ... Read more

Factors Influencing Urbanized Students to Select ODL Courses over Regular Courses - An Empirical Study Based On Kolkata

The objective of distance learning in India is to provide opportunities for higher education to a large segment of population especially disadvantaged groups living in ... Read more

Student Evaluation (Examination) System for Professional and Technical Education

Introduction: Definition of evaluation: In general sense the term “evaluation” can simply be defined as “a decision enabling process” in other words we can say ... Read more

Distance Learning, Virtual Classrooms, and Teaching Pedagogy in the Internet Environment

Distance learning and teaching has been implemented for decades already. With the technological advances of the internet over the past two decades, both Online and ... Read more

Indian Higher Education-Issues & Challenges

Higher Education is an educational level that follows a completion of a school providing a secondary education, such as a high school, secondary school. Higher ... Read more

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