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18th National Conference

ICT in Business: Inception to Update

Ignorance value of technology is not affordable by any individual, society, business, government and country. Technology have been significantly transformed the lives and business environment, ... Read more

Effective Recruitment and Selection Practices,Strategies and Process and its Linkage with Growth of Manufacturing Companies

The human resource is increasingly viewed as being the most important resource in contributing to an organization’s overall success in achieving corporate goals. Therefore human ... Read more

A Study on Determinants of Work and Life Proposition for IT Professionals

With reference to India, work-life balance issues are becoming increasingly important. With increasing expectations of employers and new work settings, things are becoming difficult specially ... Read more

Banking Services for the Common Man Financial Inclusion

The Banking Industry has shown tremendous growth in volume and complexity during the last few decades. Despite of making significant improvements in all the areas ... Read more

Best Practices in Training and Development

Training and development function has been in existence ever since the organizations realized that learning was important for growth and sustainability. However, there is a shift from traditional training where training function was seen as an isolated department to integrated training framework where all the stakeholders such as organization, employees, line managers and HR managers are involved in designing and delivery of training. This paper examines and identifies best practices in training keeping in mind the shifting focus and highlights unique training practices of various companies in India. ... Read more

A Planned Approach to Financial Planning for Indian Investors - An Empirical Analysis

There has been a revolutionary change in the investment pattern of present day Indian investors. Conventional investors took investment decisions on the basis of their ... Read more

To Study the Marketing Aspect of Micro and Small Women Enterprises

The emergence of entrepreneurs in a society depends to a great extent on the economic, social, religious, cultural and psychological factor prevailing in the society. ... Read more

Multi-Criterion Decision Approach in Ranking of Money Back Insurance Policies

Life Insurance is the fastest growing sector in India. Life insurance is an agreement between two parties i.e. insured and insurer where in insurer agrees ... Read more

Ranking of Credit Cards of Different Banks using Group AHP

A credit card is one of the most useful and powerful, yet dangerous, payment systems. Credit cards, or plastic money as they are called these ... Read more

e-Tailing In India: Its Issues, Opportunities & Effective Strategies for Growth & Development

The Indian Online Retail is a rich segment waiting to be exploited. Internet is a potent medium that can serve as a unique platform for ... Read more

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