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18th National Conference

Effect of Demographic Factors on Tangibility Dimension of Service Quality of Banks

Service quality has become one of the most important dimensions for banking industry. Thus the banking industry has started focusing on the quality issues. In ... Read more

Evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility of FMCG Companies

In the last twenty years there has been a big change in the nature of the triangular relationship between companies, the state and the society. ... Read more

Emerging Challenges & General Management: Business Ethics

Ethics deal with “what that ought to be”. Patrick and Quinn (1997), defined ethics as the study of individual and collective moral awareness, judgment, character ... Read more

Effect of FDI in Retail Sector in India

FDI: FDI stands for foreign direct investment, which means allowing foreign companies to do business in the nation weather it should be retail industry or ... Read more

A Study of Leadership Styles of Women Entrepreneurs in India

Economic development of any region is an outcome of purposeful efforts by different sections of the society. One of the major contributors to the economy ... Read more

Challenges and Opportunities & the Need of Research & Innovation for Food Processing Industry in India

The agriculture sector in Indian contributes a fourth of the country’s GDP and provides employment to approximately two third of the population. However, its potential ... Read more

Attitude of Housewives towards Online Social Networking Sites in Indore City

The paper is based on attitude of housewives towards social networking site. Attitude towards any IS is based on several models like TAM etc. Social ... Read more

Development through Intelligent Infrastructure: An Evaluation

Intelligent infrastructure is to create ambient intelligence as a result and outcome. Intelligent infrastructure is a vision which surrounds intelligent and intuitive interfaces, supported by ... Read more

Review of Literature on Online vs. Offline Consumer Behavior

The Internet and conventional marketing each have distinct features. Online shopping involves no travel, product carrying or restrictions on shopping hours, offering easy accessibility, convenience ... Read more

Role of MSME in Entrepreneurs Development in India

MSME sector has often been termed as the ‘engine of growth’ for developing economies like India. Based on official figures from the Ministry of MSME, ... Read more

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