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18th National Conference

Factors Affecting Popularity of A News Channel

TV industry is major contributor to the mass media industry in terms of revenue. News channels have also mushroomed in recent times. This mushrooming has ... Read more

A Study on Adoptable Strategies by Banks in India to Bring Down the Rising Percentage of Non Performing Assets

A healthy banking system is essential for any economy striving to achieve growth and remain stable in competitive global business environment. Indian banks are favorable ... Read more

Factors Affecting Selection of FMCG Brands: An Empirical Study

Marketing of FMCGs brings many challenges in front of the marketers because of rapidly changing customer profile, intense competition, fickle brand loyalty and escalating expectations ... Read more

e-Tailing: A Virtual Bussiness

Introduction: Retailing focuses on the final transaction, with the business and the customer (B2C). This is in contrast with business to business transactions (B2B) which ... Read more

A Study on Gender Differences in Online Shopping Behaviour

Introduction: With rapid economic growth and increase in prosperity in the last more than a decade, Indian consumer markets have seen unprecedented expansion in interest ... Read more

A Study of Reaction of Stock Prices to Dividend Announcements and Market Efficiency

The present study investigates the reaction of stock prices to dividend announcements by testing the semi-strong form of market efficiency. It analyzes the dividend announcement ... Read more

Performance Improvement through Stress Management: A Comparative Study on Occupational Stress in Nationalized & Non Nationalized Bank

In today’s competitive & global market place maintain a competitive advantage by becoming a low cost leaders or a differentiator’s put a heavy premium on ... Read more

Selection of Best Mobile Service Provider Company Using Multi Criterion Decision Approach

Mobile service providers gain back their massive investment in their infra-structures as the emergence of new technological innovations in networks, platforms, and applications has enabled. ... Read more

Financial Inclusion and Indian Financial Crisis & Solutions

The Indian economy has experienced a series of significant transformations in the last few decades. Among the most important of them is the growing phenomenon ... Read more

Factors Affecting Compulsive Buying Behavior

Consumer behavior is a widely researched topic in marketing. With the change in lifestyles of the people the marketing practices are also changing. The changing ... Read more

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