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16 National Youth Conference

Parent Child Relationship

Relationship are of 3 types-Given, Made and FormalGIVEN- Given means blood relationship like mother, father, and sister.MADE- made relationship are whatever make in the life ... Read more

The Impact of TV Advertising on Youth Buying Behavior

This study aims to establish whether the effects of TV advertisement influences today's youth for buying decisions. TV advertising has enhanced their involvement in product ... Read more

Roles and Responsibilities of Youth

There are many responsibilities of youth. Youth is responsible to build the nation, to make the society good and noble. Youth can improve the community ... Read more

Troubles Traumas and Tribulations of Today's Youth

Time has changed so do the social issues. Problems arising among the youth are at the alarming state. The main problems include smoking, gangsterism and ... Read more

Impact of Social Networking Sites on The Youth of India

This paper is focused to find out the answer whether the social networking sites are boon or bane for today's society. Social networking websites like ... Read more

Impact of Family Structure on the Overall Development of Youth

When we look around us at home we find we are surrounded by members of our family. We treasure their love and affection. We know ... Read more

Spending Pattern of Outstation Student in Indore City

This paper addresses the question of why, where and how the outstations Students spend in a new city. What are their priorities and necessities? The ... Read more

Impact of Cell Phone on Lifestyle of Youth

Mobile phones have such a deep impact on our lives, youngsters in particular, that we cannot imagine a day without our mobile phones. From morning alarm in our mobile phone, to ordering breakfast, for scheduling our meetings or planning outing with friends, from buying movie tickets to travel tickets, from downloading songs and listening to music to clicking pictures and uploading them on some social networking site. In short, mobile phone is an integral part of our life. Youngsters have become addicted to this tool of communication. They want latest mobile handsets, want to carry it to school and use during lectures in colleges. They get scolded by their parents, ignore health hazards, arrange money for paying the bills for mobile services by cutting other expenses, carry their mobile phone to the bathroom and restroom, keep it with them while sleeping. This research tries to look into the minds of this school/college going young generation, and ask them how much they are addicted to mobile phone and if they an live without mobile phone. ... Read more

Bullying is Devil

Most of the time when people think of bullying going on in schools, one generic picture comes to mind; a big, scary boy coming along ... Read more

Be Positive think Positive

When courtesy, courage and consideration is mixed with trust and openness, it definitely culminates into positive thinking. With this view, the book serves the purpose ... Read more

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