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Corruption in Education is Degrading the Quality of Youths

Corruption refers to the practice of misusing one's power and position to achieve various illegal ends. Abuse of entrusted power for private (illicit) gains Complex ... Read Full Article

Responsibility of Youth

The term 'responsibility' means doing the allow work perfectly. Youth means the young generation and the upcoming youths/generation in our society. Future of our country ... Read Full Article

Relationship Between Teacher & Student and Parents & Child

The importance of relation plays a crucial role in each and every life. Youth is when his growing stages his relationship with his parents and ... Read Full Article

Know Thyself

First of all would like to tell you that I & my co-author have no intention to target any one or to judge anybody because ... Read Full Article

A Study on Impact of Technology on Youth

Over the year's technology have increased significantly and is affecting the lives of several youngsters across the world. According to the Oxford Dictionary “Technology” is ... Read Full Article

Is it Aggression or Action of the Youths??

Aggression is an action that can harm other or himself, reaction to pain & fear. Aggression is coming from clash between elder & younger. Achild ... Read Full Article

A Study on Employability After the Management Education & Its Future in India

Empirical evidence suggests that the employability after Management education is very less as compared to the pass out Students from the universities & Colleges. Therefore, ... Read Full Article

Indian Higher Education System and Employment_Role of Technical and Vocational Training

Although the whole education system produce about 10 million students who are eligible for job every year, but there is a lack of job opportunities ... Read Full Article

Evaluation of Effective Teaching Using Student Ratings of Instruction_By Factor Analysis Approach

The broad objective of the study is to understand the factors considered by students in evaluating their Guides. Means, we are interested in indentifying the ... Read Full Article

Role of Media in Various Sectors_Advantages and Disadvantages on Youth

In this paper it is observed that media includes sources like print media and electronic media. Newspapers, magazines and any other form, which is written ... Read Full Article

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