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9th National Conference

E- Supply Chain Management

Information technology has long been a major factor. Relational databases, client/server architecture, TCP/IP network protocols, multimedia, wireless technology, and most recently, the Internet, have each, in their way, spurred new innovation and new possibilities. The e-business, or Internet computing, model, has now emerged as perhaps the most compelling enabler for supply chain integration. Because it is open, standards-based and virtually ubiquitous, businesses can use the Internet to gain global visibility across their extended network of trading partners and help them respond quickly to availability changing business conditions such as customer demand and resource availability. This paper is divided into two parts. First part deals with how e- Business is changing supply chains. Second part of the paper is designed to examine the related research in this area. ... Read more

Cloud Computing: Cost Effective Of Effect-Less Computing

Abstract The paper is a brief introduction of the cloud computing perspective for the coming future in which the enterprise level computing is set to a very small cost effective computation in which the cost of establishment is reduced by a huge factor. In the paperthe basic introduction of the Cloud Computing, modals,charactersticks, architecture , elements , security ,features , technologies , difference between cloud and grid , problems in cloud , issues , difficulties , effects ,objectives , essentials , and some case studies on cloudcomputing is given. The conclusion is highlighted which yields a much more secure and cost effective paradigmcalled as Cloud for effective computation and a distributed application based on a very small investment from large enterprises thereby reducing the bulk cost and pricing of are extended to be accessible through the Internet. The cloud applications use large data centers and powerful servers that host Web applications and Web services. Anyone with a suitable Internet connection and a standard browser can access a cloud application. A cloud is a pool of virtualized computer resources. Which can perform the following task as : ... Read more

Exploiting UML To Model Military Organization And Military Behavior

Unified Modelling Language is a set of graphical description techniques for specifying, visualizing, implementing and documenting object-oriented systems. The behaviour of military strategy and planning in a typical military organization is dynamic. A military organization has large number of entities (both distinct as well as similar) and the revalent relationships between them. There are also complex association between various objects. Also, the flow of critical and confidential information between wide varieties of objects makes modelling of a military organization more difficult. In this paper we present a study of modelling military organization and military behaviour in a generic manner, using the Unified Modelling Language (UML) as a knowledge representation technique. The class diagram that is provided by UML is well suited for representing military organizations whose structure is well-known, since military units and their interrelations can be represented as classes and interrelations between the classes. On the other hand, it is a much harder task to represent military organizations that are not wellknown or military behaviour because of the uncertainty associated with them. Different behaviours are triggered in different environments using different doctrines, and the outcomes of the behaviours are uncertain. Due to complexity, time constraints and war friction, causal relations between different factors, which play an important role in warfare, may be uncertain. ... Read more

Application Of Role Modeling In Designing Component

Components are collection of cooperating entities. New abstraction and techniques are required for designing software components. In this paper, i use role models to represent component interaction and collaboration. I adopt role models because of its strong support for many of criteria, rules and principles that form the basis of modularity. As role models can be employed for analysis, design and implementations, they also provide a direct mapping to applications that can be traceable throughput a components lifecycles. ... Read more

Network Intrusion Detection System With Data Mining Approach

Network intrusion detection systems have become a standard component in security infrastructures. Unfortunately, current systems are poor at detecting novel attacks without an unacceptable level of false alarms. We propose that the solution to this problem is the application of an ensemble of data mining techniques which can be applied to network connection data in an offline environment, augmenting existing real-time sensors. In this paper, we expand on our motivation, particularly with regard to running in an offline environment, and our interest in multisensor and multimethod correlation. We then review existing systems, from commercial systems, to research based intrusion detection systems. Next we survey the state of the art in the area. Standard datasets and feature extraction turned out to be more important than we had initially anticipated, so each can be found under its own heading. Next, we review the actual data mining methods that have been proposed or implemented. We conclude by summarizing the open problems in this area and proposing a new research project to answer some of these open problems. ... Read more

Mobile Communication system

GSM is a Global System for mobile communication; it provides Voice, Messaging, Data and Multi Media services .GSM system is an open system, means it contains well defined interfaces between different system parts. GSM is a digital communication system. There are several advantages of GSM. 1. GSM uses radio frequencies efficiently and due to the digital radio path, the system tolerates more intercell disturbances. 2. The average speech quality is better than an analog system. 3. Data transmission is supported throughout the GSM system. 4. Speech is encrypted and subscriber information security is guaranteed. 5. International roaming is possible within all countries using the GSM system. ... Read more

Hybrid Expert System For Optimal And Reliable Process Design Of Man-Machine

Hybrid expert system is best branch of AI. The paper presents a review of the theory and practice of optimal process design of man-machine systems (MMS) according to efficiency, quality and reliability (EQR) indices on the basis of functional-structural theory, artificial intelligence methods, and sequential variant analysis. It pools the necessary information about the models, methods, technologies and software, applied tools. It also includes implementation of the hybrid expert system of man-machine optimal and reliable process.

Interactive Computer Games As An Emerging Application Of Human-Level Artificial Intelligence

Emerging Technology as fundamental goals of AI is to understand and develop intelligent systems that have all the capabilities of humans, there is little active research directly pursuing this goal. This leads to the propose AI for interactive computer games is an emerging application area in which this goal of human-level AI can successfully be pursued. Inter active computer games have increasingly complex and realistic worlds and increasingly complex and intelligent computer-controlled characters. This paper presents further motivate, proposal of using interactive computer games for AI research, review previous research on AI and games, and present the different game genres and the roles that human-level AI could play within these genres. This paper also discusses the research issues and AI techniques that are relevant to each of these roles and methodology which is very interactive computer games provide a rich environment for incremental research on human-level AI. ... Read more

Trends In Information Technology

In this paper, trends in information technology, the opportunities and applications of information technology is discussed. The statistical analysis of internet activity and telecommunication is explained. ... Read more

Grooming The Qualities of Search Engine

Modern day web search engines produce the same information for a query to every user of it. The two main problems with search engine are firstly more time to generate the results and secondly producing irrelevant results. They do not take into account the user’s interest. So a system and method for using a user profile to order placed content in search results is needed [1]. The user profile is based on predefined categories. But to employ this technique we need a large categorized database. Manually categorization is obviously not a cost effective method so we need some automatic categorization techniques. In this paper author proposes a hybrid approach for automatic document categorization to improve search engine performance. The paper also focuses at Psearch domain. ... Read more

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