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A Study Of Initial Public Offer Market (IPO) In India.

Introduction: In recent years Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have increased tremendously. IPOs provide an easy way to increase initial investor’s wealth and to raise cash ... Read Full Article

Knowledge Management – Success Dynamite For Business School

In its simplest form, knowledge management is about having the capability for getting the "right" information to the "right" people on a timely basis. Academic institutions in particular management institutes (also called as business schools) have taken more interest recently in introducing KM approaches. From the academic learning point of view Knowledge Management (KM) by its nature especially is suitable. Business schools (B-schools) use information technology based tools for admissions, registrations, time table processing and performance evaluations of their faculty, students, staff and administrations. The paper presents a conceptual framework as an attempt for analyzing four phase KM methodology as one of the Knowledge Management tools in the context of Knowledge Management (KM) in Business Schools (B-schools) in India. We believe that if the framework is adopted in business schools, it will yield more benefits to increase the quality of knowledge sharing. ... Read Full Article

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