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Supply Chain Relationships Among Strategy, Flexibility And Performance: A Theoretical Framework

Abstract In today’s global business environment, concepts are moving towards inter-national contrary to yester years. This has made companies to explore the new ways to leverage their supply chain and to develop a strategic approach. A strategic approach with flexibility is helpful to increase the overall performance of the organization and to respond customer requirements. Consequently, in order to maintain cut-throat competition in the market and to be able to satisfy end customers, supply chain strategy (SCS) must be aligned with the supply chain flexibility (SCF). With a large number of SCS dimensions and SCF dimensions, it is not feasible to practice each dimensions. The study aims to classify them in a suitable manner, which is helpful to the organizations to select a correct mix of SCS and SCF dimensions to increase supply chain performance (SCP). The purpose of this study is to identify all the dimensions of SCS and SCF. In addition, this study also aims to identify SCP dimensions. Later on, the relationships among SCS, SCF and SCP are identified through a theoretical model. The findings from various literatures are compared and analyzed. Thus guidelines are developed. ... Read Full Article

Unique Identification Number: A New Way Of Identification

Unique Identification Number (UID) is a recently finalized initiative by the Government of India to create and manage a centralized identification system for all the adult citizens and residents of India, which can be utilized for a variety of identification purposes. Nandan Nilekani former co-chairman of Infosys has been appointed as the head of Unique Identification Authority of India and will have a ministerial rank. In the proposed paper we will talk about the UID and its implications with reference to India. ... Read Full Article

Information Ethics: A Social Responsibility

We know that our world has become globalize; technologies developed in one country quickly spread around the world. As computers become central to our lives, much writing and thinking has been done about the ethical dimension of Information. Technology. Themes such as privacy, intellectual property, and the digital divide have been studied for years. Information Ethics is the field that investigates the ethical issues arising from the development and application of information technologies.This paper draws a light on some current issues and ethical dilemmas with refference to Cyber Crimes, Unethical Hacking in Information Technology that is related to major issues like privacy, security, environmental issues moral issues and community responsibility. ... Read Full Article

A New Approach On Computer Networking For Cyber Criminals By Using Markov Chain Model

The use of internet is popular among youth of every contrary. This has provided business to internet operators because of this a competition has been generated among service providers to catch-up more and more traffic proportion of users many internet café exist in city having internet connectivity of many operators. In the market many type of users are situated. Some users have crime category behavior and have attitudes of criminals like hacking the site, blocking the mail, chatting unauthorized users etc.The crime users after getting success in call connection performs cyber crime.Naldi(2002) have made an attempt to describe traffic sharing under the multi operator environment with the help of Markov chain model. This paper presents performance analysis for cyber criminals in computer network. Simulation methodology is performing to support the mathematical finding. ... Read Full Article

New Paradigm In Supply Chain Management

Today, the need for integrated, global supply chain management is largely unquestioned. It is accepted, for example, that supply chain leaders usually work more effectively with external business partners. They also tend to design, build, move, store, sell and service their products with greater speed and economy. Now, more than ever, supply chains are regarded as sources of business value. ... Read Full Article

Utility Of Ubiquitous Computing

The term ubiquitous implies that technology is everywhere and we use it all the time. ubiquitous computing is global and local, social and personal, public and private, invisible and visible, an aspect of both knowledge creation and information dissemination. Ubiquitous computing is changing our daily activities in a variety of ways such as communicate in different ways, conceive and use geographical and temporal spaces differently.This paper discuss on applications of ubiquitous computing. It identifies different application areas such as Communications, Logistics, E-commerce, Inner security. ... Read Full Article

A Model For Learning Objects Reusability

Designing systems from scratch is an old fashioned concept nowadays. Availability of reusable components allows the developers to concentrate less on coding but more on reuse of these components in their application. If an application can be developed with such an approach then why not the material designed for E-learning. This paper focuses on Learning objects (LO), the core concept in E-learning reusability and suggests a model to check for reusability of an LO under consideration. Various metrics used in software engineering are used for that purpose. ... Read Full Article

Future Computer And Communication: Our Dream: Actually Fictions

1.     Introduction: Scientific research has conclusively established that man is a part of nature. While the aim of science is to find answer to ... Read Full Article

A Hybrid Arq Protocol With Improved Performance

In recent past several new and modified ARQ protocols are studied in literature in order to achieve higher throughput. Packet combining scheme, Modified Packet Combining scheme, Truncated Packet Transmission Scheme, Bit Oriented XOR based packet transmission scheme are well defined ARQ protocol for error correction either by retransmission or by processing at the receiver. For retransmission, Satry’s multi copies technique was extensively studied by Bhunia whereby it was established to fix multiple copies with number of times retransmission are requested. For correction at the receiver, packet combining scheme suggested by Chakraborty and Multiple Packet Combining scheme introduced by Bhunia are understood. In the paper we propose a hybrid ARQ technique made of multi copies retransmission with packet combining & Multiple packet combining scheme and study its performance in terms of throughput. ... Read Full Article

Kvisimine Applied- Problems In Geographical Information System

Images are highly complex multidimensional signals, with rich and complicated information content in geographical information system. For this reason they are difficult to analyze through a unique automated approach. However a KVISIMINE scheme is helpful for the understanding of image content and data content. In this paper, describes an application K-MEAN clustering algorithm and image information mining for exploration of image information and large volumes data. Geographical Information System, is any system that captures, stores, analyzes, manages, and presents data that are linked to location. Technically, a GIS is a system that includes mapping software and its application to remote sensing, land surveying, aerial photography, mathematics, photogram metric, geography, and tools that can be implemented with GIS software Building a GIS is a fruitful area if one likes the challenge of having difficult technical problems to solve. Some problems have been solved in other technologies such as CAD or database mana- gement. However, GIS throws up new demands, therefore requiring new solutions. This paper has examine difficult problems, and to be solved and gives some indication of the state of the art of current solutions. ... Read Full Article

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