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An Insight Into Ethical Issues In Higher Education With Reference To India

1.    Introduction: India is a spiritual land of Rishi, Muni, saints and prophet where religion is the core mechanism of all the activities from ancient ... Read Full Article

शिक्षकों व पाठ्यक्रमों में गुणवत्ता लाना होगी

वैश्विक प्रतिस्पर्धा के इस युग मेंें यह सबसे अहम यह है कि हम अपनी शिक्षा प्रणाली और ज्ञान के  ढांचे में योजनाबद्ध परिवर्तन लाएं, ताकि ... Read Full Article

Quality Management In Higher Education

Quality has become the defining element of education in the 21st Century in the context of new social realities. Quality in Higher education provides opportunities for long life learning, allowing people to upgrade their knowledge and skills from time to time based on society needs. Quality management, in the higher education context, also covers the quality terminology: control, assurance and improvement. It encompasses those processes, “by which an institution discharges its corporate responsibility for articulating, maintaining and enhancing the academic standards of those activities for which it is responsible “and ensures that these processes are performed efficiently and effectively. The overall objective of this paper is to highlight the general principles of TQM involved and to point out how this approach has been and can be used to improve the quality of an academic institution. In this paper(artical) it has been tried to bring out clear status of higher education and emergent needs to enhance the quality of higher education. The main objective of this work is to highlight the general principles of TQM to point out how this approach can be used to improve the quality of academic institution. The objective is conducted towards an evaluation and assessment of the current quality of work in higher education. After realizing the importance of higher education a lot of innovative experiments are done to improve the performance of this sector. The way in which universities are working with quality issues will be compared with a TQM approach and the weakness and strength of the work of this institution will be recognized. After reviewing the problems in higher education many authors and the principles of TQM offer many recommendations and suggestions for improvement. Researchers used primary data in the form of interviews and secondary data from journals and books. In addition researchers use many Methodology to improve the quality of higher education. The paper attempt Theoretically conceptualize the TQM in higher education ... Read Full Article

Quality – A School Teacher’s View

The other day I saw a presentation which inspired the students to keep on trying till success was achieved. Various role models of great achievers ... Read Full Article

Quality Management And Quality Assurance For Academic Education

Knowledge about technical quality and quality management is a most important issue in modern economic life. So in the course of university studies in the technical domain students should get a very comprehensive knowledge. Education in this field must be based on close co-operation between industry and university institutes. On the one side this deepens the understanding for industrial needs at the universities, on the other side enterprises get help from competent academic specialists when problems must be solved in shortest time under the pressure of world wide competition. Keywords: Quality, quality management, higher education, quality system ... Read Full Article

Quality Management In Higher Education

There is still no consensus on how best to manage quality within higher education. Thus a variety of approaches have been adopted. . The review identifies a reliance on industrial models. These are applied with only partial success and identified limitations suggest a need for refinement, particularly in relation to the centrality of student learning within higher education. ... Read Full Article

Applying Knowledge Management Practices In Higher Education System

Introduction: Knowledge Management (KM) is today the subject of much literature discussion, planning and action [see, e.g., 1-9]. The knowledge management applies systematic approaches to ... Read Full Article

Challenges of A Director In Running A B- School

1.    Introduction:Higher Education: Higher Education that is the main tool for changing the state of any country, it should not be a static tool. It ... Read Full Article

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