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Problems and Challenges of Controller of Examination in the University

In the present scenario when there is trend of growth in the higher education, which has increased the number of students enrolled in higher education. Universities still have a very limited number of staff members hence it is becoming difficult for managing the Examination System effectively. Present Paper deals with various problems and challenges faced by the Controller of Examination in the university. ... Read Full Article

Towards a Sustainable Growth In Higher Education Through Soft Skills

The citizens are the most valuable asset of the country. Development of human capital and mind shift of the citizens is one big challenge. If ... Read Full Article

Quality in Higher Education and Building World Class Universities

Over the years we have seen that higher education is essential for national, social and economic development. It is no longer a luxury. Today, more ... Read Full Article

Quality Higher Education- Missing Roles

Few disagree today, that the next big fortune lies with India - atleast   several World Institutions, top foreign consultancy firms and a number of Economists ... Read Full Article

Quality Assurance System in Higher and Technical Education

Total Quality Management [TQM] approach emphasizes quality assurance, by providing quality inputs. It has made a change in performance of organizations around the world. TQM enables to develop self-assessment culture, so essential to be progressive on sustained basis. Quality improvement involves the statistical tools, consumer research, goal setting, teamwork, problem solving, Human Resource Management, and strategic planning. This paper reviews different aspects of quality assurance, steps involved in implementation of TQM and Organizational frame work for implementation. ... Read Full Article

Sustaining Quality In Higher Education: An Imperative For Nation-Building

Quality is the measure of excellence and the state of being free from defects, deficiencies or significant variations. ISO 8402-1986 standard defines quality as "the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs." Quality Improvement and Sustenance have become the key areas of emphasis of the modern time. Higher Education suffers from the paradoxes of ill efficiency, mismanagement and lower productivity on account of lack of adherence to quality standards. This affects the students, teachers, parents, management, industries, society and the nation at large. In order to build a competitive nation in this era of globalization, a sincere effort in the direction of sustaining quality is called for. This paper attempts to elucidate the necessity of sustaining Quality in Higher Education from the perspective of institutions providing higher education and their management and gives recommendations on how it can be achieved to build a progressive nation. ... Read Full Article

Quality Management in Higher Education

“Education”- a boon bestowed upon us by God, a panacea, a remedy for every social, economic, and life problems. “Education”- meant to enlighten, empower and inculcate wisdom within each of us is being rendered useless and has entirely deviated from its motive and instead of serving expansion, upliftment, and evolution of beings has just shrinked to the means of earning two square meals. Education a birth right of every individual has become the rarest of rare luxuries which only the filthy and affluent can rejoice to afford. Education which once fostered values, ethics, and humanity have commercialized professionalized and has just confined to money minting and selling. We proudly boast of having reached so far in science, technology and other issues but does that fulfill the objective of education? Is our education nurturing the young buds to bloom and spread the fragrance of patriotism, character, oneness and brotherhood in the world is a question that needs grave attention. ... Read Full Article

Competency Factors Of B-School Teachers In Kolkata

Human Competencies are becoming a frequently-used and written-about vehicle for organizational applications. It is also obvious that for the growth and development of organization there is a need to identify the competencies required to perform successfully a given job or role or a set of tasks at a given point of time or in other words mapping of competency. Academic departments operate largely in an informational vacuum when it comes to knowledge about the standards, staffing practices, resources, research expectations, and so forth of departments in their discipline. Apart from that the change in patterns of education governance is not complete, and is uncertain of outcome. Also, that additional pressure for education standards has come from the public interest and industry requirement in overall higher achievement. In view with this, in present study core competency areas for the postgraduate B-School teachers were considered for subject of investigation. Core competency factors were identified from literature survey and perception through free and open interaction with the final semester students of management. On the basis of those, Questionnaire was prepared and face validity was determined. Through judgment sampling faculty of different management schools were selected for primary data collection. It was found that Competency for teaching in B-school can be in two significant core areas viz. Experience and Job itself. This study will help the B-School management to develop their own procedures for selecting and determine the level of riders for generation of standard output by the B-school teachers. ... Read Full Article

Managing Management Institutions

With over 1000 Management Institutions, it is a matter of contemplation that how does India’s system of management education compare with the quality of management ... Read Full Article

A Study On Mapping Job Satisfaction and Its Effect on Competency Inclusiveness among the Teaching Faculties

It is known that research into job satisfaction started in the field of industry and business administration, with a special emphasis being laid on the ... Read Full Article

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