Visit to Anubhuti Vision Seva Sansthan

A visit was made to the Anubhuti Vision Seva Sansthan. Following students visited the organization :

Name of the Student             Class

RanuDubey                             B.Sc V

Praveen Solanki                      B.Sc V

Devendra Rajput                     B.Sc V

SonaliRajawat                         B.Sc V


Social Service Organization is an activity design to promote social well being specifically organized philanthropic assistance Social Service Organization in India.

Name of the Organization: Anubhuti Vision SevaSansthan, Indore (M.P.)

Anubhuti Vision SevaSansthan multiple organizations where all types of handicapped comes like blind, deaf & dumb, disabled child etc.

Mission of the Organization: is to make children self depend.


The vision is to make sure that the children of the organization must play an important role in the society like other children who have all the amenities of their life.


To help handicapped, blind, deaf & dumb and disabled type of children and give them sympathy.

Founder: Ms. Chanchal Salaria

Yearof Establishment: It was established in the year 2009.

Registration no.: 11730/09

Geographical Area Covered: It has only one branch in Indore itself and it is running  by donations.

Services Provided by the Organization:

·        To help children in all fields like drawing, sports, music, manners, self improvement.

·        To provide support to handicapped, blind, deaf and dumb children to reduce their hardships and make them self-dependent.

Findings and Conclusion:

Anubhuti Vision SevaSansthan is a very good centre for disabled children. This was the great opportunity to go there, because we all have heard about NGO's and the children who are living there but in real we did'nt have seen anything like that.

In this Sansthan we have seen many children who are improving themselves in all field like drawing, sports, music, manners, self improvement & the girls who are not able to see even they can cook also. We should proud all that girls who are using their inner power to stay in this typical world.

After that we talked to them and we realized that although they are living very far away from their parents but they all are well mannered.

The environment of this center is also good and the food they get is also hygienic and clean, they get their breakfast, lunch, & dinner, time to time and sometimes they get invite for birthday parties or for treat. They do their studies very well. The teachers of the sansthan are also very familiar and they teach the children like their own children. Therefore, being far from their family they are getting the mother's love and learning good skills by developing them day by day. The children are also good in other activities like stitching, singing and other creative activities.

NGO's and social service organizations are playing a very important role in social development. In addition, WE would like to suggest that all the people should help this organizations in any manner they can because they are the only people who will make our future and at last we would like to thank Ms. Rashmi Farkiya and all Pioneer team who gave us this opportunity to visit & get interaction in this type of institutions.