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On 27th August, 2011, Dr. PK. Jain, Chairman, Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore gave his First Lecture for the Entrepreneurship Development program (EDC).


On 27th August, 2011, Dr. PK. Jain, Chairman, Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore gave his First Lecture for the Entrepreneurship Development program (EDC). He started by asking questions to the students whether they want to be job seekers or provider? Whether they want to do a job or be an Entrepreneur? Why can’t you generate employment? Get ready for taking risk and to survive in uncertainties. Do not just join the organization of others. 

He said that the students want to do a job as they do not have the daring to face the uncertainty and risk. Sometimes there is resistance from parents regarding the family traditions or regarding capital.  The aim of the study is not to get a job. It is seen that the focus of most of the Institutes have changed from education to placement. As if they are employment exchange. 

He gave examples of IIM and IIT students who chose to be Entrepreneurs rather than job holders.

Dr. PK. Jain gave his own example and the history of Pioneer Institute. He trained around 200 people in 2-3 years. The idea cropped up to open up an Institute. Our basic aim is to inculcate values. We are engaged Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) for students so as to train them for employability. Be ready to work for 24 hours. This is the only formula for success- Do or Die.

On 9th September 2011, Dr. PK. Jain, Chairman, Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore gave his Second Lecture for the Entrepreneurship Development program (EDC).

Inflation rate is increasing by 25-30%; though government is showing an increase of 12-13%. Increment does not match with inflation. Students share rooms and the monthly expenses amount to Rs. 5000- 6000/- approx.  People are caught up in this cycle. Every 6 months, there visiting cards change. 

He gave various examples of successful Entrepreneurs of Indore, who started from a very small scale and has reached to the zenith of success. He also quoted the names of many people who are not very educated, yet very successful in their field. Its important to recognize your presence in job as well as in the market through dedication, determination, hard work, sincerity and commitment, along with high values to be a successful person. 

On 29th September 2011, Brahmapita Yogi Shri Pancham Singh gave a motivational and spiritual lecture. Once a dreaded dacoit of Chambal, today he preaches peace. Having shunned violence in 1972, Pancham Singh (81) is now a completely different person. While people around him may still be scampering in the worldly rat race, he is tenaciously worming his way on the path of salvation. During his 14 years of life as a dacoit Pancham claims to have snuffed out 100 lives. Kidnapping, extortion and robberies were just routine affairs, he says without betraying a sombre look on his face. He said in 1958 he joined a gang of dacoits led by Mohar Singh after he was constantly harassed by the members of the opposite party in panchayat elections. They beat him mercilessly and he was hospitalized for 20 days, he became a dacoit to take revenge. And once he killed 12 people from the opposite party; he never looked back. On the assurance of then-prime minister Indira Gandhi, Pancham Singh finally surrendered in 1972.

Mohar Singh and Pancham Singh were awarded life sentence and after serving it, Pancham joined Prajapita Brahma Kumaris, which changed his life. Recalling the past, Yogi Pancham said, during encounters with police there was a fierce battle as both sides exchanged fire and many people would die in front of his eyes. He said several former dacoits have now entered politics, and many gangs use strong-arm tactics on behalf of various political parties. He himself has served as the head of the Nagar Panchayat of Mehangaon, where he was elected un-opposed. Pancham, however, confesses, 'I never wanted to join politics.' Most dacoits who surrendered during those days have been living peacefully, farming 30 bighas of land that government allotted them. Even when he was dacoit, he used to pray for four hours in the jungles, who is now following the path of peace and universal brotherhood.