Identifying Factors Affecting Information Communication Technology Enabled Teaching and Management in School


Past few decades have witnessed extensive use of computers in many areas of our life on a daily basis. One of such area is teaching and learning process in schools. Today computers are extensively used for teaching, learning, examination, result declaration, attendance management and office administration in schools.  Advancements in information technology innovations and computer usage has rapidly transformed work culture of school teachers. They cannot escape the fact that today’s teaching must be aided with Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

In Indian society education has always been accorded an honoured high place. In the last few years improvement in the status of school education has been the prime focus of government. Use of ICT enabled technology has been a very helpful in this step. India recognised the importance of ICT based school education in early 80’s when the Computer Literacy and Studies in Schools (CLASS) Project was introduced as a pilot project with the introduction of BBC micro-computers.

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