Acknowledging Modern Methods of Teaching in B Schools


In Modern Business environment change is the way of life. The industry requires business graduates who possess good personality with professional etiquettes, good team work abilities and leadership skills, good communication skills with very good public relations, problem identification, solving ability and analytical skills. Our business education should concentrate on imparting these skills to students to face real dynamic business world rather than memorization of concepts and theories, to do this we need to adopt more practical approaches in teaching. 

Traditionally we have been using lecture method in teaching business courses which is useful to make students understand the concept in direct logical manner but this method make students passive because of its one way nature of communication, learning is difficult to gauge, no participation of audience, takes more time and most importantly it is not pragmatic method of teaching it can’t present realistic picture of a "real world" situations of business, there is need of to think differently from lecturing methods of teaching to make students understand intricacies of business from a practical angle, this is where non lecturing methods are handy.

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