Effect of ICT to Improvement of Teaching System


Information Communication Technology is not only matter of discussion but it helps in every aspects of life especially in education sector teaching learning process. ICT not only give effective message but it helps to overall process of education. Information Communication Technology is a way of work through the technological updating which helps make the process easy, reliable and interesting. In modern days if we see that lots of learning through various open learning websites, online course, audio video facility provided by various Universities. Radio channels like Gyanwani, television channels like DD-Gyandarsan, satellite based services provided that’s basis of make education system easy and interesting. 

ICT is new vision of IT with the help of ICT teaching and learning system create a familiar environment for its related persons like students, teachers and liable persons they are liable to provide education. ICT is divided in to two components telecommunication and networks that is works on various modes.  ICT is a theme that is in modern scenario everyone knows very well. ICT based education provide dual benefits for students because of that traditional system of classes are already going on that is also necessary and ICT based classes are provided by students that is boost students confidence, morale and enthusiasm. National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) Scheme to leverage the potential of ICT, in teaching and learning process for the benefit of all the learners in Higher Education Institutions in anytime anywhere mode the two major components of NMEICT Scheme are (a) content generation and (b) providing connectivity (Annual Report 2014-15 MHRD). 

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