Presentation on Coordination and Cooperation: A Key to Success

By Prof. Rashmi Farkiya on 17.7.12 (11:00 - 12:00 am)

She started her presentation by narrating a story and taking a case of Japanese and Indians. She also took the example of Tsunami and Kaizen and the Japanese method of treating the same. Without cooperation, coordination is not possible. 

She focused on the need of cooperation, explained the various lessons of management through the story of tortoise and hare and also took the case of Dabbawala, their history, the time taken, number of Tiffin boxes, strength of the staff, their organizational structure, their working style, cost of service, their attitude and approach, the disciplines that the employees have to follow, the coding system, their journey time, set back and bad times they experienced, the Royal visit of Prince Charles, awards and felicitation, and other achievements.