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Presentation on Professionalism at Workplace

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By Prof. Varun Kesri on 16th July, 2011

Professionalism is the expertise that a professional has of a certain field. In the workplace, professionalism refers to an individual doing their job, with sincerity and genuineness. Professionalism leads to logical and unbiased decision. In the absence of professionalism, the concepts of "politics" and "mind games" find room to breed. But, this explanation is not enough to understand the concept of professionalism.

These days, every salaried employee with a degree considers himself a professional. If that fact was worth any salt, professionalism would not be hard to find and tough to keep in the corporate sector, right? Well, then how do we understand professionalism in the workplace? Professionalism at work requires an individual to possess these characteristics.

  • Knowing oneself and being in control of one's reactions and work related antics. Losing control over one's temper is not considered professional at a work place.
  • Handling constructive criticism. Constructive or not, criticism is a part of any working experience. As such, as a part of professionalism at work, one needs to be receptive of criticism. While giving the criticism a thought and following it through if it is constructive and ignoring it if not.
  • One has to be aware that workplace conflicts are natural and hence inevitable. It is not in human nature to be around so many people for so much time on a regular basis, under occasional stress, and yet manage to be conflict-free. The point is to harness that conflict into positive productivity and leave it at that.

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