Presentation on Present Education System-Corporate Viewpoint

By Prof. Rashmi Choudhary on 14th July, 2011

Education has a very broad and deep meaning; it is not confined to time or space, it is an attitude, a constant search for learning founded on an insatiable curiosity. An "educated" person is not only someone who knows a great deal, but someone who wishes to learn in any circumstance, who poses questions, who probes, reflects and assimilates, to gain both knowledge and wisdom.

The present system of higher education does not serve the purpose for which it has been started. In general education itself has become so profitable a business that quality is lost in the increase of quantity of professional institutions with quota system and politicization adding fuel to the fire of spoil system. This increases unemployment of graduates without quick relief to mitigate their sufferings in the job market of the country. The drawbacks of the higher education system underscore the need for reforms to make it worthwhile and beneficial to all concerned.

India aspires to be powerful, it wants to play a role in the international community, for that to happen, its economy has to grow multifold and for that to happen, it requires a huge force of entrepreneurs who could transform it into a nation which produces, from the one which only consumes.

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