Unorganized Retail A Customer Experience

Mr. Sushil Rai works in a nationalized bank, designated as clerk for the past 2 years. His office is located in the heart of the city. He has been born and brought up in the same city and owns a house at country side and lives in a nuclear family with his wife and three years old son.

Sushil and his wife generally purchased grocery from nearby ‘mom n pop’ stores for their daily consumption. They procured monthly grocery from weekly bazaar which was situated on his way to office. It was a routine for Sushil to purchase grocery on his way home from the weekly bazaar. His wife use to provide him with the list and he use to purchase accordingly. 

One fine day Sushil received a call from his wife in his busy schedule. He came to know that his brother in law with his wife is in the city for few days. Thus his wife provided him a detailed purchase list over the call. Sushil tried to finish his work, still got late by an hour to reach the bazaar. He managed to park his vehicle on roadside and moved inside the bazaar. Based on the list provided he started searching for the specified merchandise, it was difficult for him even after searching extensively to find the new products specified by his wife in the list. He couldn’t find few items in the market also he had to compromise with the quantity and quality of the goods as he was late to reach the market.   

Sushil reached home late at night, as soon as he handed over the big shopping bags he was encountered with a big question: How come you are so late when the guests are at home? To which he explained the difficulties in finding the products and then his vehicle being lifted. His wife couldn’t find so many items which she has mentioned over the call, also few items were not in the specified quantity as per she has mentioned. She inquired about the total expenditure on the shopping to which Sushil handed over the list of items with the amount paid for each. Sushil came to know from his wife that he has paid extra for few products, and there were 2 products which needed to be replaced. 

As the guests were at home so they stopped the discussion and Sushil moved to drawing room to meet the guests. In no time his son arrived and asked “what have you bought for me from the market?”  Sushil was silent.