Organized Retail A Customer Experience

Mrs. Sunita Sharma works as an HR Professional in Nagpur, Maharashtra. She belongs to Ujjain (a city in MP) but has been living in Nagpur from past 10 years after she got married. She was extremely excited when one fine morning she came across the advertisements and articles in newspaper about an upcoming shopping mall boasting heavy discounts and stating find products at lowest prices at an upcountry location.

It was the mid of August, a celebration of Independence Day week when she planned to visit the mall and buy the groceries and earn heavy discounts.  As per her previous shopping experience she prepared a list before moving on to the mall. She drove a long way to the mall, safely parked her vehicle and before she could enter the mall she had to undergo security check and was asked to deposit her baggage. She cooperated with the system and moved inside the mall. 

Before she could actually start purchasing her prepared list, she was greeted by the sales person who offered her a booklet of discounts being offered at the mall. The interior of the mall and the display of the goods created a different environment altogether, which was a very delightful experience for Mrs. Sharma. She took a trolley with her and started exploring the goods and the discounts being offered at the store. It was almost an hour and her trolley was vacant and she has not moved a single feet away from the entrance. Suddenly she realizes that she is getting late and thereon she starts searching and exploring at a greater pace. 

Her favorite song is being played which relaxes her and adds to her shopping experience. As she goes on purchasing, a number of things start taking place in the Shopping cart. Every now and then she gets reminded that she may need them in future and the attractive offers force her to keep them in the cart. Finally she reaches the Billing Counter. While waiting in the queue for bill payment, she again shops the things and confectioneries kept nearby the counter. As her turn approaches, the attendant asks her whether she would like to buy a poly bag to which she has to agree. She gets baffled when she heard the amount she has to pay. It was above normal for which she settled the bill by her Debit Card. After making an exit from the store as she was about to reach her car, she realized that her baggage was missing and got reminded that she had not picked it up from the counter. In a haste, she ran back to collect it.

As she reached home after a great shopping experience, she recalled that she had not opened the prepared list which she had taken to the mall. She opens it with excitement and founds that she had bought only few things mentioned in the list and few necessities had been left out.  She gets a bit concerned about the SMS which mentioned the available balance in her salary account.