Web Based Education and Training

Everywhere in India, Government provides primary education at no cost or negligible cost. We have many schools, enough teachers and facilities for students and teachers. But the great variation in the quality of education is found due to some factors like social background of students, parents, different standards of teaching and teachers training programs. All teachers cannot deliver the same message to all learners. In the presence of great social diversity in India, it is difficult to change the social background of students, parents and their economical conditions. Therefore the only option left for us is to provide uniform or standardize teaching learning resources or methods. For high quality education throughout India there must be some nationwide network, which provides equal quality education to all students, including the student from the rural areas and villages. The solution to this is Web-Based Learning. As we know that Internet is the ocean of knowledge, therefore it is better to open (introduce) this ocean to all students as early as possible in their life. This can be done by introducing or using Information Technology & related tools in school education or by using World Wide Web as education delivery medium. 

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