Use of Computer in the Field of Education

The word Computer is not restricted to computer system or laptop only it also means smart phones, tablets, i-pad, palm top, mobile phones etc. And education is not only restricted to the bookies knowledge, it also mean the knowledge of environment, our surrounding etc. In today’s scenario computer system have becomes the necessity at every workplace. It has become the inspirable part of our life to a great extent. Particularly in the field of education, their uses are manifold. Let us understand them further. From house to the corporate level computer is used. In corporate world every work is operated with the help of computer whether it is minor or major. From the past few years computer have changed the way the world works. It is famous because it functions like multitasking, reliability. Research on software of computer is going on to make it more popular. Computers have proved to be an asset not only for the corporate but also in the other sectors also. Just because of the popularity of computer they have been adopted in many sectors such as medicine, architecture, communication, research, sports and education. Speaking of which, computers have taken over the field of education, bringing over its influence in every possible manner. So government makes computer itself the compulsory subject in schools. Today, computers have touched the lives of several students living in the remotest part of our planet, be it directly or otherwise. It is expected that in future whole work is operated by computer. These very machines, which were once used only in research laboratories and government offices, have now become a common sight in schools across the world. Computer has different benefits that make it popular for study. There is no denying the fact that computers completely rule the life of an average student in any corner of the world, be it in the form of hand-held devices, or printed textbooks (thanks to the use of computers in printing). What follows are some instances of the utility of computers in education. It minimizes cost, helps in graphical study, time saving, etc. now schools are taking classes on computer. A person easily get tired by working for long hours but a computer can do the same work for long hours with ought getting tired and with more accuracy. 

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