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The Ethical Hacking: An Extensive Study

Today more and more software are being developed and people are getting more and more options in their present software‘s. But many are not aware that they are being hacked without their knowledge. One reaction to this state of affairs is a behavior termed ―Ethical Hacking" which attempts to proactively increase security protection by identifying and patching known security vulnerabilities on systems owned by other parties. A good ethical hacker should know the methodology chosen by the hacker like reconnaissance, host or target scanning, gaining access, maintaining access and clearing tracks. For ethical hacking we should know about the various tools and methods that can be used by a black hat hacker apart from the methodology used by him. From the point of view of the user one should know at least some of these because some hackers make use of those who are not aware of the various hacking methods to hack into a system. Also when thinking from the point of view of the developer, he also should be aware of these since he should be able to close holes in his software even with the usage of the various tools. With the advent of new tools the hackers may make new tactics. But at least the software will be resistant to some of the tools. ... Read Full Article

Emerging Challenges and Security Issues in e-Banking

World is connected with internet very rapidly and fast in a millisecond people interact with each other and so as the money is also changing very rapidly and now a day’s funds get transfer from one account to another account within few seconds with the help of e-banking . E-Banking and mobile banking provide the facility to bank customer to access their accounts from any were in the world. the services which are based on electronic system specially in banking sector increasing day by day it’s become mandatory and for providing such services its necessary to keep information on network and secured so the data and details of customer i.e account holder should consider as private and confidential. Data on the network cannot be access by the hackers at any cost. the information on network should only be accessed by authorized users so that the customer’s faith in the bank must maintain and customer loyalty and faith gives bank a great value. In this paper, some new challenges of e-banking and security issues are discussed. ... Read Full Article

Emerging Trends in Information Technology

The purpose of writing this paper is to make users of IT and public at large make aware of the recent upcoming technologies in ever ... Read Full Article

15th National Conference

  Over the last 10 years, technology has changed the way the world works, plays, communicates and shops. Many of these changes are seen the world over, ... Read Full Article

Vehicle Tracking System Using Global Positioning System

This paper describes an interactive system for vehicle tracking. The Global Positioning System has made navigation systems convenient for in-vehicle applications. Today, GPS-based navigation systems can be found in variety of vehicles. In this paper applications and benefits of navigation systems are discussed. This paper presents the impact on individual due to land-vehicle navigation system. The influence on vehicle positioning accuracy is examined. There is an essential necessity for navigation system with the vehicle body. GPS vehicle navigation has firm hardware and software requirements. The purpose of this paper is to identify the working of GPS and its architecture. Monitoring the mobile vehicle is the core functionality of company dealing with the delivery or transport of goods. Technologies help in supporting this functionality from remote locations and update the owner with the latest information of their mobile vehicle. The information might need to be collected simultaneously as the vehicle is operational. Overall benefits of the system are also discussed. This helps the user in selection of this system. Technology like GPS has given rise to revolutionary change in the tracking system. The GPS Technology is very powerful tool for mapping. Initially the GPS continuously takes the data from the satellite and stores the latitude and longitudinal positions in buffer. To know the path of the vehicle there is need to send a message to the GSM which gets activated by receiving message. At the same instant the GPS gets deactivated with dispatch. As soon as the GSM gets activated it takes the last received latitude and longitude positions from the buffer and sends a message to the particular number which is executed in the program. After the message has been sent to the user the GSM gets deactivated and similarly the GPS gets activated. This is a cyclic process. ... Read Full Article

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