Emerging Trends in Information Technology

The purpose of writing this paper is to make users of IT and public at large make aware of the recent upcoming technologies in ever changing world of IT. I am highlighting major changes in Information technology:-

1.    Portable Document Scanner Scan Snap
Fujitsu recently launched the ScanSnap S1100 document scanner, where it is touted to be one of the smallest in the world without compromising on performance and functionality. The new ultra-portable scanner will tip the scales at slightly more than 12 ounces, cramming inside enough technology to pay homage to its larger brethren in the series despite sporting a new sleek style that allows you to easily fit it into a briefcase or purse and digitizes your documents anywhere, and at any time.  The ScanSnap S1100 was specially designed to see action with a PC or Mac, where it will rely on its innovative paper path system and fast front-side color scanning functionality to quickly scan anything ranging from contracts and long receipts to business cards and plastic IDs. A single USB cable is all it takes to power the ScanSnap S1100, where it will convert all scanned data into searchable PDF files while enabling you to quickly transform your paperwork into editable Word and Excel files. Apart from that, ScanSnap S1100 lets to scan documents directly to Evernote and Google Docs cloud services, making it a snap to store your paperwork and photos from just about anywhere as long as you’re hooked to a decent Internet connection.

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