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Vehicle Tracking System Using Global Positioning System

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This paper describes an interactive system for vehicle tracking. The Global Positioning System has made navigation systems convenient for in-vehicle applications. Today, GPS-based navigation systems can be found in variety of vehicles. In this paper applications and benefits of navigation systems are discussed. This paper presents the impact on individual due to land-vehicle navigation system. The influence on vehicle positioning accuracy is examined. There is an essential necessity for navigation system with the vehicle body. GPS vehicle navigation has firm hardware and software requirements. The purpose of this paper is to identify the working of GPS and its architecture. Monitoring the mobile vehicle is the core functionality of company dealing with the delivery or transport of goods. Technologies help in supporting this functionality from remote locations and update the owner with the latest information of their mobile vehicle. The information might need to be collected simultaneously as the vehicle is operational. Overall benefits of the system are also discussed. This helps the user in selection of this system. Technology like GPS has given rise to revolutionary change in the tracking system. The GPS Technology is very powerful tool for mapping. Initially the GPS continuously takes the data from the satellite and stores the latitude and longitudinal positions in buffer. To know the path of the vehicle there is need to send a message to the GSM which gets activated by receiving message. At the same instant the GPS gets deactivated with dispatch. As soon as the GSM gets activated it takes the last received latitude and longitude positions from the buffer and sends a message to the particular number which is executed in the program. After the message has been sent to the user the GSM gets deactivated and similarly the GPS gets activated. This is a cyclic process.

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