Comparatively Study Of Real Organization & Virtual Organization

The Invention of Internet & web technology has given Birth to so many new concepts in Business one of such example is emergence of virtual Banking. Virtual banking is one of the latest emerging trends on the Indian Banking Scenario. Usage of Virtual banking, though present in India was rest restricted to foreign banks. Today most of public sectors banks branches in metros and cities, have computerized front office operations (customer transaction) and their back office operation and information management system are also increasingly getting computerized and integrated. However, it may be noted that the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ banking with manual system does continue to prevail in most banks’ rural branches in urban areas too, most of the urban co-operative banks continue to use the manual system of banking. The article studies the comparatively Study of real banking & virtual banking in India and its role in fostering relationships with customers and giving them more value. The proposed study includes the evolution need and relevant, forces driving, merits and demerits of real banking and virtual banking. This work will include the comparative study of virtual banking and real (Traditional Banking) banking. Results have shown that virtual corporation (banking) can produce financial rewards for the organization.

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