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Need And Significance Of E-Learning In Education

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Technology is an agent of change and major technological innovations can result in entire paradigm shifts. The technological revolution poses tremendous challenges to the educators to rethink their basic tenets, to apply technology in creative way to redesign education. After affecting extensive changes in the way people communicate and do business, the Internet is poised to bring about a paradigm shift in the way people learn. Now-a day’s anywhere, anytime education is possible. The practice of providing education with the help of modern technologies is termed as e-Learning. It is dynamic, operates in real time, empowering, individual and comprehensive, effective and quick. E-learning is a combination of content and instructional methods delivered by media elements such as words and graphics on a computer intended to build job-transferable knowledge and skills linked to individual learning goals or organizational performance. The major benefits of e-Learning are that it is eco-friendly because it takes place in a virtual environment and thus avoid travelling and reduces the usage of paper. This paper will focus on the: Overview of e-learning, e-learning strategies and significance of e-learning in the field of education.

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