Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies always believed in dissemination of Knowledge of the Researchers, Teachers and Practitioners. Every year, the Institute organizes many Seminars, Conferences and Faculty Development Programs. Present Book is an edited collection of  papers and articles received for the presentation in the Conference held on May 6, 2010 on Information Technology and Business Intelligence .

Editing process had passed through several phases where many people facilitated it, either directly or indirectly. As the contribution of each and every individual is not feasible to put on documentation by name, hence we are gratified to all those who had made their precious contributions. We would like to articulate our earnest thanks and appreciation to Shri P. K. Jain for his modest hold up and assistance.

Our thanks is also due for the motivation and guidance to Dr.  H. R. Vishwakarma, Secretary, CSI, Dr. N. S. Choudhary, Prof, IIT Indore and Dr.  P. N. Mishra, Conference Advisor

Last, but not the least, we tender our genuine gratitude to Prof. Nilesh Jain, Prof. Preeti Jain, Prof. Amita Jain, Mrs. Rashmi Sinha, and Mr. Vinod Bajaj without whose efforts this Book would not have not taken the shape

Editorial Team

Dr. V. K. Jain (Conference Chairman)
CA Prashant Jain (Conference Secretary)
Dr. Mona Tawar (Conference Jt. Secretary)
Prof. Shweta Mogre (Conference Jt. Secretary)