Application Of Cloud Computing In University Libraries

Abstract Technology is changing rapidly and is forming a layer that is touching each and every aspect of life like power grids, traffic control, medical and health care, water supply, food and energy and all the financial transaction of the world. Cloud computing is not an exception in changing the world. Cloud computing provides us virtually unlimited and on – demand computing resources. The infrastructure of cloud computing is such, that it encourages the development of innovation in every field. One such application of cloud is in university library .Emergence of cloud computing in libraries leaves us with many questions that are to be answered. The questions like:- 1. How library can use the cloud to provide effective information to the users? 2. How can the information be shared using the cloud? This paper tries to answer such questions & provides a comprehensive introduction to the application of cloud in university libraries.The cloud is already there to burst only the library need to start thinking about how they may need to adjust services in order to effectively adapt to how users are interacting with it.

1. Introduction: Cloud computing is a process that provides services on virtual machines that are allocated on the top of large physical machine pool. In Cloud Computing the information is permanently stored on the internet servers and it can be cached by the users temporarily. The name cloud computing has probably evolved from the cloud’s image which is used to represent the Internet or any large network environment. Nobody really cares much about what is in the cloud? Or what happens there? The only thing of concern is that the data sending and receiving from it can be done reliably. Cloud computing can be related to higher level abstraction of the cloud. Services have now taken over from the usual data pipes, routers and servers. The basic hardware and software are still the integral part but the high level service capabilities are available to build the application. In the background of these services are the data and the resources. The user’s main concern is not how the technology is implemented or what things arebeing used to manage this technology but the only concern is that how he can access it and what level of security is necessary to meet his requirements.