The Dynamic Structure Of Big Data Inmanaging Crm


The issue of big data brings a raw wave of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)’s strategies in supporting personalization and customization of sales, services and customer inspection and repairs. CRM needs big data for better customers ‘experiences, particularly personalization and customization of services. Big data is a popular term applied to recognize data that is volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value of data both structured and unstructured. Customer Relationship Management is experiencing a paradigm switch from a single channel relationship (organization-to customer relationship) to multi channels of relationships (customer-organization-organization-customer-machines) with the prominence on integration and collaboration. As theses paradigm shifts imply that global computing advances significantly companies’ access to information by acknowledging them to get information at anytime, anyplace. Big data require new tools and techniques to capture, store and examine it and is used to improve decision making for enhancing customer management.

Keywords: Customer relationship management (CRM); Big data; Smart mobile devices

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