Different methods to making History teaching more effective and interesting

Objective –

To explore the different methods of teaching to making History teaching more effective, creative and interesting


After spending a good time with the teachers and students in Sirohi district through Foundations work, spending time in museums during my thesis research work, discussing and facilitating college students of Govt MLB collage Bhoapl, the common notion observed about History teaching among the teachers is that it is a boring subject to teach and there is very less space to make it creative and student friendly, on the other hand NCF 2005 Position paper of Social Science says “The teaching of Social Sciences must adopt methods that promote creativity, aesthetics, and critical perspectives.”So in the process of making history teaching meaningful and creative, I have decided to explore different pedagogical tool in history teaching. So it can be used as experiential journey during treating History teaching with the teachers that how can they use different methods, activities in History class and make this subject more productive, interesting, creative and alive.

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