Traditions and Innovations in English Language Teaching


English language teaching in India started with establishment of the East India Company. It was a rise of cross cultural communication in India. There have been various trends and methodologies of teaching English since the beginning. With the advancement of time, many new methodologies emerged and many old merged with the others. There have been debates on whether or not English should be taught in India. However, despite all the debates and arguments, the importance of the global link language English cannot be denied. To acquire good language and communication skills, command over all the four skills of language i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing is utmost necessary. For developing the mentioned language skills a particular methodology of teaching English cannot suffice. This paper aims at discussing various innovations that can be incorporated in various methodologies of English language teaching. 

Key words: English Language Teaching, Methodologies, GTM, CALL, MALL, CLT.

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