Understanding Executive Information System: A Study EIS Success Factors in Business and Decisions


There has been rapid development in the number of implementations of Executive Information Systems (EIS).Yet the success rate of these systems has not been large.To belittle the danger of failed implementations, studies of theories and success factors for EIS implementation are recommended.This report concentrates on examining a theoretical account of successful EIS implementation and identifies success factors.

Executive Information Systems are designed to improve the quality of the strategic level of management in the organization through a new type of technology and several techniques for extracting, transforming, processing, integrating and presenting data in such a way that the organizational knowledge filters can easily associate with this data and turn it into information for the organization. These technologies are known as Business Intelligence Tools. Merely in order to build analytic reports for Executive Information Systems (EIS) in an organization, we need to design a multidimensional model based on the commercial enterprise model of the formation.

This report presents some multidimensional models that can be used in EIS development and offer a new model that is suited for strategic business requests.

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