The Outside Classroom


Teaching outside the classroom is becoming widely acknowledged as a way of promoting a number of desirable educational outcomes and assuring the realization of current policy agendas.The ‘outdoor education gives depth to the curriculum and contributes to students’ physical, personal and social education’. Furthermore,a number of potential benefits as a result of outdoor learning and experiences are significantly benefited.Engaging and Learning with the Outdoors, as well as cognitive developments and curriculum-related consequences, personal and social developments could also be observed in pupils involved, supporting the potential impacts.This research identified specific benefits, including individual growth and advances in social skills, impacts on attitudes, beliefs and self-perceptions, and, to a lesser extent, the development of general and specific academic skills.Improvements in employment and achievement were observed, alongside the promotion of positive conduct.Considering these outcomes, Education outside the classroom potentially provides a significant contribution to recent agendas such as Every Child Matters, personalization and the extended schools remit.

Keywords: Classroom, teching, learning

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