Development of Entrepreneurship through Education System and Efforts by Government of India


Entrepreneurs are creative, innovative, risk taking, dynamic, flexible, brave, opportunity recognizer, network builder, independent and self-reliant people whereas entrepreneurship is considered as a growth and development force of organizations and societies,therefore, world’s great universities have taken education and development of entrepreneurial thinking into account in their curricula. Developing entrepreneurial skills has become a major academic and educational concern in different societies (Aggarual and Eposito, 2001). On the other side the government of India also has instituted policy measures and undertaken several initiatives to foster a culture of entrepreneurship in the country (GES, 2017). The main objective of the present research is to explore the role of education system and governmental efforts in entrepreneurship development. Secondary data was gathered from various published sources, journals, government reports, websites, books, magazines, internet, personal interviews, etc. The research found that the education system and government efforts are significant to entrepreneurship development in India.    

 Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Education System and Government Schemes. 

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