A BPO Services Startups & Growth of BPO Industry


Startups are necessary to look a lot of challenges to get their ball rolling as their business expense and the preservation costs rise over time. As one of the leading provider of call center support for startups, ICCS can function as an extended arm of startups all over the world and can help achieve business objectives that can ensure consistent growth. BPO, Business Process Outsourcing, is the mantra of employment, the buzz of present, and the assure of future. A business model that has gained growing prominence in the last decade is outsourcing of value chain actions. The development of outsourcing industry in Indore has contributed to the economic growth of the country, and has generated significant employment opportunities in the our  labor market. The study is Identify configurations of BPO firms based on their work design, strategic orientation, client relationship and related factors.  Finally, the study formed a pattern for BPO firm managers to assess the choices and strategies available to their firms for managing their competitive environments successfully. It is observed that the world is changing and the next ten years are likely to be different from what we have experienced over the past decade. The emergence of the information and high-tech economy has resulted in the expansion of the service sector and redefined notions of time, space, distances, boundaries and borders on the global stage.

Keywords:  BPO World, Analysis, Emergence, BPO Industry

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