Role of Education in National Development


Science by itself provide no direct benefit to individual, social and economic ills but without scientific progress no amount of achievement in any direction can ensure our good health, prosperity and security to the society in the modern world. It must be recognized that it is industry that produces products not the science, however it is the science which enables industry and for the effective development of new technology. There must be a continual interaction between scientist in the laboratory and engineers in the industry to effectively and quickly reduce scientific discovery to practical applications. Discovery of science when practically used create more jobs, higher wages, comfortable working hours more abundant. 

Basic research in science develops new Knowledge and applied research develops new technology. In fundamental research there is little of any understanding of possible potential application at the time the work is done , while in strategic research practical applications are expected though there may be much of the unknown to explore and understand before one gets a those practical applications. For Example- Fiber optics is revolutionizing communications.

The fundamental research under pinning of this technology is the quantum mechanics developed in 1920 – 1940. The fundamental applied work was developed of the laser, optical fibre communication comes from combining advanced solid state laser with advanced materials.

Continues flow of scientific knowledge is very important to achieve high level of employment, to maintain a position of world leadership. Science has a great role in a skill development and its application to “Make in India” and develop our economy at a faster pace to reduce trade deficit, and dependence on other countries and also to achieve self-reliance.

Keywords – applied science technology, industry and skill development, society

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