Benchmark of Indian Education on Global Platform


The knowledge economy and globalization are inter related and affect each other. The economies can tend to achieve more when the capacity building potential of the workforce is optimized. In order to be prepared for the work environemnt and be work prepared one needs to develop the competencies which helps one in achieving the economies of scale. There is dire need for the education system to be revamped and equipped with capacity to make India’s contribution in the internationalization of higher education noteworthy. The paper studies that how India offers other “source countries” by drawing students from developing countries and enhancing its human capital base. Capacity building is the chief differentiating factor which helps one economy in making a significant transformation in its operational efficiency. The paper hence identifies the various factors with respect to benchmarking of Indian economy on the Global platform through various strategies employed. 

Keywords: - Globalization, Indian Education, capacity building, efficiency

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