The Impact of digital technology on education in present scenario


This research study predicts the role of digital technology on education in present scenario. The goal of this study is to address the fundamental research question: How will digital technology impact education? The role of technology in education has been an important question since the digital transformation and innovation. It remains an important issue today with debates about the impact of technology on our society, the implications of quick and easy online access to information for knowledge and learning and the effect of technology on young people’s social, emotional and physical development.Therefore, it is important to take look of what we know about the impact of digital technology on education from what we have learned over the past several years.The Educationaltechnology can be defined as systematic application of scientific or other organized knowledge to practical task.It is the use of technology to improve education or a systematic process for designing instruction or training used to improve performance. Educational technology is sometimes also known as instructional technology or learning technology.

Keywords: Digital Technology, Education,Strategies, Tools, educators,learning.

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