An Analytical Study of Consumer Behaviour &Loyalty in Print Media - Challenges and Strategic Perscriptions With Special Reference to Danik Bhasker of Indore


Customers’ perception is the process whereby customers select, organize and interpret sensory stimulation into meaningful information. Newspaper is a publication that appears regularly and frequently. it carries news about a wide variety of current events. the newspaper publishes have an overall control by its business and news operation. this study is done to understand to existing preference of the customer .it help to study the consumer preference towards dainik bhaskar and to know the consumer preference toward supplement issued by dainik bhaskarThis paper is aimed at identifying factors affecting customer perception in dainik bhaskar.  The study will provide very valuable information for dainik bhaskar as well as financial service organizations for customer perception strategies.

Key Words – customer perception, print media, Dainik bhaskar

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