Analysis of Educational Schemes in India to Increasing the Enrolment and Diminishing the Dropouts


Since Independence, Government of Indian is constantly aiming to fulfill basic needs i.e. food, shelter, health and education. But even after 68 years of independence, government is still struggling and incapable to increase the living standard of its citizens. According to 2010 data from the United Nations Development Programme, approximately 29.8% of Indians live below poverty line of country. Government of India offering many Scheme for improve status but inefficient because of mass population. The top most essential basic need which can change the entire scenario is ‘Education’ for that government is running lots of education schemes to improve the figures in positive direction. But unfortunately, people are unaware with the schemes and not able to take advantage for it. It has been observed, that the number of school going children’s are falling down every year has compared the children’s are enrolled. There are many reasons which affect the regular attendance of the students and even drop outs.  This paper will discuss the government schemes running to motivated ‘Education’ and analyze its implementation. Also analyze the cause of drop-outs in primary education. Lastly suggestions and conclusion will drown.

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