Impact of Yogic Education In Our Modern Education System


The aim of this paper is to focus on the importance of value based education based on Yogic System. The present education system is robust and technology driven, it utlilizes the in-depth research in teaching and learning process. The thinkers and educators of every era have been emphasising on the traits of human beings which needs to be developed in multiple ways. The innate potential of every indiyto be awakened. The incorporation of value based education and blending it with modern education system will complete the puzzle of human existence. A possibility of Holistic development which will be reflected in every strata of society. At present the development is unidirectional, men has landed on moon and sent Voyager to investigate the presence of life on this planet but the perfection of inner world is missing in human beings on this planet. Onslaught of psychosomatic and psychological disorders, lifestyle disorders and feeling of non acceptance towards life and it's offerings makes the educators think and rethink about filling the gap. This paper suggests a solution of complete development of human personality, which not only compliments the present modern education methodologies but also looks into the inner restructuring of human qualities. Thus, modern education system will be complete by incorporating value education  based on Yogic Sciences and philosophy. 

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