Role of Education in National Development


This paper is the base of education to national development. It fact that national develops in related to its achievement in education. Education is a vital investment for human and economic development and is influenced by the environment within which it exists. Change in technology, education is the labour market patterns and global environment in India and many cultural and faith all reflect upon the educational system and at the same time are also affected by them. Education,  in the life of a nation. That no  nation rises above the level of its  education. Education helps in dream building. It helps a person in analysing the path which will help him achieving his dream. Achieving his dream will give him a sense of fulfilment in his life. Also, It is a fact that such citizen respect their country the most. These citizen work for their country in whichever way they .A pool of educated and empowered citizens will drive the country towards the realization of this dream. It has been very well said that no nation rises above the level of its education. As the literacy rate in India improves, so does the living standard of its people and also moral fundamental. Today the world looks at India as an emerging giant due to its knowledge centre approach.  Investment in education has brought about a high degree of economic transformation.

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